Business improvement

In addition to investment projects, at Lighthouse we also provide business consultancy without financial investment. From Lighthouse Business Improvement B.V. we support commercial, medium-sized organizations in achieving growth and lasting performance improvement—even in difficult economic times.


Your organization can benefit from their expertise when:


  • Results fall off
  • Cost reduction is required and the incremental method no longer works
  • Revenue growth seems possible but is not yet realized
  • You want to accelerate growth


Lighthouse Business Improvement ensures that your organization will realize faster and sustainable growth. Together, we set up ambitious but realistic goals and develop a strategy that fits your organization and gives your business a sustainable competitive advantage.


Emile Schoenmaker and Jitze Jongsma run Lighthouse Business Improvement and collaborate with experienced managers and consultants from their network.


Do you want to know how to improve your company's performance? Contact us!