About Lighthouse


Growth doesn’t come naturally. Companies that want to scale up to the next phase often need capital, but they need experience and expertise too.


As involved investors, that’s where we come in.


We provide active support in addition to capital to bring the company to the next level. We take the challenging road together. Through joint effort, we realize considerable value growth in a few years. Then, after we’ve achieved good results, we can go our own separate ways again.

About Lighthouse

Money doesn’t grow on trees. A full commitment from everybody involved is what creates return on investments. That’s why we not only provide capital but also deliver active management—Lighthouse is an investor and also a dedicated co-entrepreneur.


Lighthouse people have extensive experience in business and accountancy. We have seen many companies from the inside, but we have also set up companies ourselves, led them to flourish, and put them on an independent path. Our hands-on experience has given us a sharp eye for what an organization still has to improve in order to achieve outstanding performance.


Together with the management, we will work hard on these improvements, not only to protect our investment but also to achieve the results everyone wants. This makes us different from, say, a banking investor. And yes, we add value to the company, but we also ask for a big commitment in return. It works because we have a shared interest—we are in it with our capital but also with our hearts and souls.