What kinds of companies?

Scale problems often come with success and growth—what you were used to doing suddenly doesn’t seem to work anymore. Then it's time to professionalize; to adjust processes and get your business ready for the climb. And that's where Lighthouse comes in.


We at Lighthouse invest in companies that have something special to offer, medium-sized, innovative companies that get our hearts racing. In practice, these companies operate in the IT, chemicals, and sustainability sectors, and in international trade and business services. But we are also interested in companies with sustainable growth potential in other industries.


We enjoy working with ambitious people who want to grow and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who like to be challenged to push their boundaries. Lighthouse is a good fit for entrepreneurs who want to excel in their core business, but who also dare to work on areas where they are not personally the best they can aspire to be. Because only then can you bring out the full potential of the company.


Our choice to step in is carefully weighed. We look at the market conditions, the strategic position of the company relative to competitors, and the personal and professional value we as Lighthouse can add. We put significant time and effort into the preparatory stage so that, once we get onboard, our chances of making an immediate positive impact are as great as possible.