To give a proper view of our activities and field of interest, mentioned below here are a couple of our current investments and projects on which we were involved.  


IT company in authentication software


When this provider of unique authentication software contacted Lighthouse, the company had just come out of the start-up phase. Considering they expected significant growth, they needed support. Financial impetus was expected to give the company a boost, too.


First task: Lighthouse, along with the entrepreneurs, developed a growth strategy. This strategy not only influenced the organization and its processes; it also affected the roadmap for further product development. “At this stage, we also paid attention to the planned sale of the company because if you have an idea of what the profile of the potential buyer is, you can take that into consideration in an earlier stage,” says Emile.


“In order to realize our shared ambitions, we have made the organization as capable and flexible as possible, and we have drastically reduced organizational costs.


“While we were working on the global rollout of the product, we were approached by a major international player who, eventually and after extensive due diligence, successfully took over the company.”



Engineering company in process chemistry


For several years, Lighthouse has been involved in a medium-sized engineering company specialized in process chemistry. This innovative enterprise makes chemical processes better, cleaner, and cheaper. Two important considerations in that business: economics and sustainability.


This company, in addition to doing contract work, develops their own technologies; for instance, they produce green biogas, green fuels for gasoline and diesel engines, and CO2 capture. This makes this company unique in their market.


Lighthouse is involved in the financing of the activities and the commercial rollout of the new technologies. Working with the entrepreneurs, they make the company more successful, scalable, and profitable.



High-tech company in the chip industry


This company was in a difficult phase due to a number of bad choices combined with a depressed market. But Lighthouse saw a beautiful challenge and started researching the viability of the company.


They took the first steps to ensure the continuity of the company, conducted a sharp strategic analysis, and examined the operational processes.


Through fast and effective action, the company was profitable again within six months. Subsequently, all those involved worked very hard to make sure the company performs well in the long run.