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Can Lighthouse be of value to a company? Would a collaboration be useful? This is what we ask ourselves. An investment process requires serious dedication and involvement from both parties—do we believe we have a basis for trust and consensus? What about vision—do we agree on where the company can and should go? What would it take to get there, and is Lighthouse the right party to lead?


If it’s a go, we start a thorough investigation of the company and analyze its strategic, organizational, and financial positions. Based on the analysis, we make a clear plan that lays the foundation for sustainable growth.


Once the work gets started, Lighthouse considers itself an equal partner in the business. Lighthouse people are visible in the organization and, together with management, put a concerted effort into it. We always keep our targets in mind and strive for the best results.  And we do it in a comprehensive and transparent way, without abuse of positions of power—we are committed to a fair deal for all parties involved.

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